Wanyue and Cody L'brand

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  • My name is Wanyue, I'm the owner of Bright Panda Bilingual Daycare. My husband Cody is home frequently and always able to help.  

  • I also have two other helpers to help with cooking and when things get busy.


Our Background

I'm someone really really really love kids. Everything about them are fascinating to me. I love all the kids in my care. They are family to me and my four-year-old son.

Background: I have a Master in psychology, certified psychological counselor.Worked as medical interpreter and substitute teacher. And a mom.

My husband Cody grew up in a family daycare and he really value his experience. He is extremely good with kids. 


My goals

My goal is to grow with kids.

I wish every children who come to us feels he/she is part of the family, being accepted, understood, and loved.